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Chaz asks her students to ask themselves tough questions, all the while exposing them to accessible spirituality and profound healing. She believes yoga is designed to open us, raise our consciousness, free us from the cages of our ego and fear, and help us get out of our own way so that we can evolve into the person we are meant to become.

If that sounds like your kinda yoga, then it's time for you to practice yoga with Chaz!






A devoted yoga teacher of 11+ years, practitioner for 21 years, and international transformational retreat leader, Chaz teaches popular flow classes at YogaWorks in Los Angeles. She believes yoga should not be serious, as life is serious enough--this is why she loves keeping it light in class. Although Chaz takes a lighter approach, she is serious when it comes to capitalizing on the healing benefits yoga affords.  A true Jersey girl and celebrity yoga teacher, Chaz teaches with a level of honest, shoot-from-the-hip humor and insight. Through a kick-ass, eclectic playlist, spirituality- infused creative sequencing, and Jersey irreverent reverence and humor, she encourages people to discover their own yoga and ways in which to express themselves through their movement. Her classes and global retreats are as deep as they are light and are known for bringing life-changing results. 

Often loosely referred to as a "Yogi to the Stars," an extensive list of celebrity clients have enjoyed Chaz's classes over the years, although she upholds their privacy.

Chaz was introduced to the benefits of yoga as an adolescent when she joined Nicole Mode’s Yoga Studio (of France.) As a 14-year-old model rife with body image issues and various eating disorders, Chaz found peace on her yoga mat.  Chaz graduated from Rutgers College with Highest Honors with a degree in Genetics and high hopes of a PhD. Although she enjoyed the discipline inherent in the academic research world, she felt a deeper calling. Chaz then met her guru, Gurmukh Noury of Yoga of India, who saw a unique light in her. Gurmukh went on to convince Chaz to become a yoga teacher and enroll in his teacher training program. In addition to yoga, visualization, and deep relaxation techniques, Chaz learned the very rewarding and healing practice of Thai yoga massage. She received her 500 hour certification from The Art of Yoga in Modesto.

In 2006, Chaz founded Sisters Yoga and Sisters Yoga School in Fresno--an all-female yoga studio. Sisters Yoga won top honors in the Fresno People's Choice Awards, Best Yoga category, and was named one of Fresno's "50 Favorite Things."  From time to time, Chaz returns to Fresno to teach workshops as a visiting instructor. She also serves as a business consultant for yoga studios all across the globe looking to boost and build their business and community.

Chaz was named Best New LA Yoga Instructor in LA Family Magazine. She was also featured on The Dr. Phil Show, ABC7, and in Discover The Gift, a movie featuring HH Dalai Lama, Rev. Michael Beckwith and other spiritual leaders. A lululemon ambassador (Calabasas) and Yoga Gives Back Ambassador, she models for yoga companies such as Bhakti Ware and YogaWorks.

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